Audio book - Tales and operas
Elvide et Milon
Author : Eric Senabre
Illustrations : Elodie Coudray
Narrator : Jacques Bonnaffé
Didier Jeunesse
Audio book
Qu'est-ce qu'on attend pour être heureux ?
Artists : Ray Ventura, Les Frères Jacques

Didier Jeunesse
Niccolò Paganini
Pierre Lenert, viola

Paraty Editions
Franz Schubert
Irakly Avaliani, piano

BALAS Group Sponsorship
Audio book - Tales and operas
Jazz sous la Lune
Collecting : Misja Fitzgerald Michel
Translator : Valérie Rouzeau

Didier Jeunesse
Audio book - Tales and operas
Monsieur Gershwin
Author : Susie Morgenstern
Illustrations : Sébastien Mourrain
Narrator : Susie Morgenstern
Didier Jeunesse
Daniel Casimir, trombone alto & compositions
l'Ensemble Squillante, nonette de saxophones

Mécénat Groupe BALAS



For the label of the Association Jean Pierre Rampal, editing and mixing of the Concertos of L.A. Lebrun for Flute and Orchestra with :
Paris chamber orchestra
Conductor : Philippe Bernold
Soloist: Andras Adorjan


Electroacoustic research :
As part of the program of preservation of the hearing of the musicians of orchestra and the opera singers of the Opera of Paris, project ownership assistance on the acoustic development of the scenic devices and the spaces of repetitions

Sonogram is a company of expertise in the field of the acoustic sound
Our competence of listening, analysis of the sound and the understanding of the needs for the artists musicians, bring us to propose our services in the field of the acoustic studies: design of acoustics adapted to the exploitation of premises of repetition, studios of listening and sound recording, concert halls, acoustic conches

We bring our skills in the acoustic sound recording as well as in the broadcasting during the recordings of operas, of symphonic concerts and chamber music
To guarantee the follow-up and the quality of the end product, Sonogram also proposes the sound post-production: assembly, mixing and pre-mastering with or without image, for any format