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For Didier Jeunesse :
Mixing of an audio book record on the composer Gerschwin under Gilles Avisse's realization
Mastering of three compilations of children's songs

For the label of the Association Jean Pierre Rampal, editing and mixing of the
Concertos of L.A. Lebrun for Flute and Orchestra with :
Paris chamber orchestra
Conductor : Philippe Bernold
Soloist: Andras Adorjan

For the National Opera of Paris :
Broadcasting of Faust of Charles Gounod


  • Acoustic sound recording
  • Broadcasting and artistic realization for the audiovisual captations and the sound system of prestigious events
  • Musical editing
  • Mixing
  • Pre-mastering

By the control of all these stages, Sonogram makes the ready masters for the sound distribution any format


References /Customers :

National Opera of Paris Bastille :
broadcasting of audio-visual events (operas and symphonic concerts) for the promotion of the shows and the library of the Opera since 1995.

Discographic Labels : Editions AJPR, Editions Didier-Jeunesse, Sonogramme, Saphir Productions, Continuo Music, Alpha productions, France Télévision Diffusion DVD & Cds, auto-productions…

Television : France 2, sound takes and mixing of movie musics in studio for chamber, symphonics and lyrics orchestras

Radio : Radio-Classique/Juventus festival

Musical Sets : Orchestre de l'Opéra national de Paris, Orchestre national de Lyon, Orchestre de Franche Comté Victor Hugo, Paris chamber music orchestra, Hélios trio, compagnie Outre Mesure...

Artist-interpreters : Pierre Lenert, Graf Mourja, Frédéric Laroque, Frédéric Vaysse Knitter, Irakly Avaliani, Marie-Ines Guimares, Marie-Paule Siruguet, Adrienne Krausz, Anne Pellerin, Magali Goimard, Jeff Cohen, Francoise Groben, Odile Bourin, Diane Lemoine-Guercio, Peter Laul…

Composers :
Thierry Pécou, Alain Louvier, Pascale Criton, Michel Merlet, Pierre Baslé…

Publishing :

The book of the techniques of the sound - 4th edition
Volume 3 - The exploitation
Dunod publishing

To the contents :
The stereophonic sound recording. The audio media. The recording studio. The sound system(dubbing). The theater. The radio. The sound cinema. The television

Sébastien Noly drafted the first chapter on the stereophonic sound recording

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